About Us

Our story


Nutrisource was founded in 2005 with the goal of offering a high-quality feed product and value-added consulting services specifically for dairy producers, their cattle and operations. While feed was a natural starting point, the company’s founders realized there was a gap between what other companies were offering and what dairy farmers needed to ensure healthier cattle while enhancing and maximizing the return on their operations.


“When we sat down to capture the essence of Nutrisource on paper, in planning the business, we saw feed as being something we needed to provide. Everybody provides feed. But we knew we wanted to provide an even better feed, something dairy-specific. But for us, it was the bigger picture, beyond feed, we felt our customers were looking for. We knew that if we could work with dairy farmers to help them address operational issues and management challenges unique to the business of dairy farming, we could make a far greater impact over the longer term, and especially where it counts for them — the bottom line.”

Jeff Nielsen, Co-founder Nutrisource


Since 2005, we’ve built a steady and loyal customer base, growing our operations into British Columbia and Saskatchewan while expanding further in Alberta with another feed production facility in Ponoka.  We’re thrilled to be growing, and to be able to offer our unique feed and services to dairy farmers in Alberta and beyond.

Our business will always be squarely focused on two key principles:

  • taking a personal approach that focuses on the specific needs of each customer and his or her unique operation
  • building strong, personal working relationships focused on the long term


What about our name?

In Nutrisource, the Nutri stands for the high-quality feed we supply our customers, a superior commodity specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of their herds. The source part of our name speaks to the dairy-specific knowledge and solutions we offer, tailored to meet the specific needs of each and every Nutrisource client.