What We Offer

Nutrisource is different in that it offers both feed and value-added consulting services specifically for dairy, with a focus on nutrition.


Our Product


We offer a unique feed product made especially for dairy cattle. Natural, grain-fed and protein-based, it’s medication-free, other than what is approved for ruminants, and includes only ingredients and nutrients that are good for the dairy customer. Unlike some of our competitors, at Nutrisource we’re not making one feed and adapting it for different cattle species.

In the words of Nutrisource co-founder Jeff Nielsen:

We’re really focused on the health of the cows, because healthier cows raised on better feed are going to produce better. Taking that to the next level, we work with our customers to realize what’s actually profitable. Our competitors will come in and say, ‘Your feed can be X dollars cheaper if you buy from us.’ But that feed may not contain ingredients that ensure the cow actually performs better. So we try to make a point of saying: ‘Are you actually doing better? Maybe you should be spending more on your feed which will result in a healthier animal with more milk, which impacts your overall bottom line.’ Rather than just having those discussions, we’re committed to proving it — something we’re happy to say we have done again and again.

At Nutrisource, feed is not just about the bottom line. It’s about the quality of the feed our customers provide their dairy cows. After all, milk is what mothers feed their children so it’s essential the ingredients that go into the feed are of the highest quality.


Our Services

A big part of what makes Nutrisource different from other companies is that we provide value-added consulting, helping our customers get the most they can from their operations through strategies and approaches specifically tailored to each farm. This involves providing management expertise, looking for efficiencies and regular on-farm visits — adjusting plans as needed or as changes in the industry happen.

In short, with Nutrisource what our customers get is a company that’s customer-focused and species-specific, one that produces a superior, high-quality feed while delivering value-added consulting services meeting the needs of the progressive dairy farmer. In other words, the dairy farmer of the 21st century.